Morgan Smith And Friends

Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are the three major cities for skateboarding in Canada.  These cities are large which gives skaters much terrain to play in but that’s not what makes them major cities for skateboarding.  Having the skateboarding industry in these cities does that.  Having the best skaters in the world in Bathurst, NB is great for Bathurst but those skaters will never be known.  Unless they travel and most likely move, these skaters will never « make it » in skateboarding.  For me that is sad but on the other hand rad.  Some skaters end up skating for themselves instead of making it.  Over the years I’ve met a bunch of guys that had everything to make it in skateboarding but they didn’t like what they had to do for that to happen.  So, they dropped back into their private world of skateboarding and just had fun skateboarding.  They ended up skating for themselves and showing the way to have fun skating for the next generation of skateboarders.  All the while not thinking that skateboarding or its industry owes them anything.  This video talks about some of the old school big names in Toronto history but leaves out the guys that skated in the shadows to make skating fun and even possible in Toronto.  For me, Brent Jordan is most likely Canada’s most important skateboarder that is unknown to the masses.  All the big names in the Toronto skateboarding scene know Brent and he has helped all of them at one time or another.  He doesn’t care about fitting into the skateboard industry at all.  Buying his decks or pads or whatever else is normal to him.  He doesn’t look to be in the spot light or care that he’s not in it.  When skaters give shout-outs, like in this video, it is rare to hear his name mentioned.  Well, I’m hear to say, « Mad props to Brent Jordan for being who he is and teaching Canadian skaters so much ».   Maybe one day he will receive 5 stickers with his infrequent packages.  Now, go watch the video with Morgan Smith.

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