Mimi Knoop styling a backside smith grind, photo by mrz.

30 years ago all skateboarders were outsiders.  With all the coverage that the X-Games, Dew Tours, Street League, and the Tony Hawk video games has brought to skateboarding we are no longer outsiders.  But, there are still a couple of groups within skateboarding that are to most people outsiders if not outcasts all together.  One of these groups is female skaters.

After witnessing the ripping going down at the Girls Combi contest, one of my California pool pals (Ozzie) just recently setup a pool session at Lance’s for a group of girls.  He also called in a couple of photographers to document the ripping.  Surprisingly the girls only seem to skate together at contests; unlike the Montreal based Skirtboarders that skate in girl groups.  From Ozzie’s blog post, it seems that all the hard work in setting this all girl pool day was well worth it.

Why is there any difference in how we view guy and girl skaters?  To me there is zero difference as long as the skater is pushing themselves they stoke my session.  Girls skaters are even better sometimes since you can even have a crush on the ripping skater.


Me crushing on Mimi, photo by Kevin Cann.

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