Peace Park a 18 ans

On this past Tuesday November 20th, The Infamous Peace Park turned 18 years old!
Big thanks to MQC’S Dave Boots for throwing a renegade celebration that ran incredibly smooth
considering there were zero permits issued!

The Party started at 2pm with 20 cases of Pabst Beer, a Big Boombox a Microphone and a Birthday cake baked by Boots himself! The cake was a beautiful replica design of the park with a little skateboard and a crack pipe which represent the users of the urban park quite nicely.

All in all over 100 people came threw to party with The locals of the grimy park jam which went
til dark with live MC’S spittin rhymes,crack heads lurkin and skaters ripping the aged granite ledges, while hot chicks mingled about the diverse group of humans! no cops,no tickets just a good ol park jam!..Big thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon,Expose Magazine,MQC and the MC’s and dj’s rocked Peace Park! Happy 18.








Texte par Barry Walsh, vidéo par Frenchie, photos par Dan Mathieu