Recycled Skateboards

Over the years I have seen a bunch of different cool uses for old dead skateboard decks.  Many of those different uses involve artists making art with them.  From sculptures, cabinets, to glass frames and everything in between can be created with these dirty old broken toys we call a skateboard deck.  Last night I saw a new way to use old decks from a friend.  He chops the decks into brick size pieces, all of the same size and then creates a brick pattern on a wall.  The end result is really nice, maybe not according to your wife though.  I guess you could step this idea up and scan in a photo of each brick and use one of those computer programs to create mosaics from photos as a pattern for your wall.  Say a mosaic of Hosoi doing a layback grind.  That would be next level, require smaller bricks, and a ton more work too.  The random brick idea is really cool though.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube