SF Finally

Of all the places I have been to within the United States, San Francisco is not one of those places.  In 1988 I had landed in SF but then 45 minutes latter I was back up in the air on my way to Los Angeles.  SF is the Mecca of street skating currently and has been since the late 80’s.  Street skating is not why I wanted to visit SF though, my days of street skating a big (taller than a curb) ledge or stairs or rails are long gone.  SF is most likely the city with the most similar lifestyle to that of Montreal in all of North America.  Basically SF seems like a cool city.  As a bonus SF has a couple of cool parks and more importantly, Justin (ICEMAN) and Alex are living there.  I haven’t seen them in a couple of years.  Since they moved out there I guess.

 Kevin FS Air St-HelenaIceman’s photo of this frontside air by Kevin was really nice but I do not have a copy of it.


Sky FS Air Potrero

Sky blasting a frontside air at Potrero.  Photo by Kevin.


Kevin Cann wanted to go there because there was a contest at Lake Cunningham (San Jose) that he had gone to before with the Rennie family and some other oddball skaters.  It was cool to see Bill, Tristan, Nathan, Brandon Wong and meet a bunch of new people but I did not give a rat’s ass about watching the contest.  Maybe the contest would have been more enjoyable for me if Kevin had entered as he had told our friend Jean Rusen the night before the contest with a couple of pops in his brain.

 Potrero bowlThe Potrero bowl is a tough one to figure out lines.


Potrero street

Potrero is all about the street section.  Rookies are really good for the smashup derby there.


It was all cool that I was going to SF for the first time ever but the real reason I wanted to be out in Northern California was because it’s right next to Oregon.  That is my Mecca.  Actually the Pacific Northwest is my Mecca.  I had not been to Oregon since 2007, just before breaking my knee.  This time we would be south of Portland skating a bunch of parks I had never visited before, SICK!

Alex and Justin Wine TastingJustin and Alex living the life in Napa Valley.  Photo by Kevin.


Shark Bomb

Jean and Jen, watch out, shark week.  Photo by Kevin.


The Tim Brauch Memorial contest was not painful to witness, the skating was crazy, I am just not a sit around and watch a contest kind of guy.  I would much rather be skating though.  Kevin and I totally missed the amateur (guys and girls) contest the first day.  We went skating in St Helena with Justin and Alex instead.  When we met up with the Rennies and crew, Bill had a new beer for me.  Thanks Bill.  It was a Woot Stout 2.0 that comes in at a wapping 13.5% alcohol content.  I am Canadian so that is not a problem.  It was a fun first night with my California friends having a couple more high alocoholized beers to wash down the Woot.

Sweet Ride

Canada is always rolling in some sweet rides.  This thing was killer on gas at least!


Jean FS Air Roosevelt

Jean and Kevin pushed each other with frontside airs.  Jean’s look better, like she is doing a frontside invert in the shadow.




Roosevelt Pool

 Double waterfall pleasure, Roosevelt skatepark bowl.



The next morning the ladies car and the Canadians sweet ride went skating before heading to the contest.  Roosevelt skatepark in San Jose is located in a super sketchy part of town.  Ah, everyone loves Canadians and we had some lady body guards so we had no worries.  Actually, the gangsters seem to enjoy my tall socks.  We made it to the contest just in time for Jean’s first run in the contest.  Good thing Jean does not need to practice, haha.  What do I remember from the contest?  Not much.  It’s all a blur.  Maybe it was the Woot punching back.  Yes, I was hungover and it was really hot.  In the parking lot after the contest, the next party began.  Kevin had started the party even before we hitting the parking lot so I figured there was no party for me.  There was some cool people from about everywhere chilling.  Damn, Izy came in from Australia for the contest.  Then the funniest thing happened, a skate hockey game broke out; too funny.  After a little food, Kevin and I hit the road north all alone.

Daniel Cuervo Lien Air Lake Cunningham

Daniel Cuervo is way up there with a monster lien air.



Skate Hockey

Yes, skateboard hockey game broke out in Duckville (San Jose).  Who would have though?  Photo by Kevin.



Food Pow Wow

So, where are we going to eat?  Photo by Kevin.


The next morning we awoke in small town middle of nowhere.  Yes, that small town had a big as skatepark.  Below are some photos of the Corning, CA skatepark.  Cool little warmup before heading farther north.




Before heading to Klamath Falls, OR we also stopped off in Weed, CA.  That was our last stop off in California.  Oregon time, wimpy!



Weed Bowl

Weed California, haha.


Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Thanks Justin for the crash pad!  Photo by Kevin.