Ten Years of Israeli Skate Culture Documented in « Love Child

March 25, 2015: Tel Aviv-born photographer Guy Pitchon will release Love Child, an in-depth artistic documentation of Israel’s restless youth, street life personas and skateboarding subculture, in collaboration with VANS, on March 27.


Guy Pitchon spent the better part of the past two decades traversing the skate parks, city streets and abandoned concrete structures in Tel Aviv and across Israel.


A skate fanatic at heart, Guy became infatuated with the colorful and angst-driven « skate life » subculture that upends and often negates its responsibilities to serve in Israeli military service — offering a subversive perspective of life as an Israeli youth. Soon realizing that his talents were his eye behind a lens rather than his feet on a board, Guy began capturing the perennial skate-life adolescence that he was a part of.


The result is Love Child, a 127-page hardbound book paying homage to the disenchanted skateboarding subculture in which Pitchon tells the visual tale of the colorful personalities and locales within this micro-metropolis on the Mediterranean, from an insider’s perspective. The stunning, black-and-white and colour images that make up Love Child truly depict an untold tale of Israeli youth culture.


« For me, Love Child is the journey from my adolescence to ‘adulthood, » explains Pitchon. « I sometimes feel like it’s more of a self portrait project … In retrospect, I am the subjects documented in my photographs. »


Love Child – the book will officially be released on March 27 in collaboration with VANS and ArtPort Tel Aviv Gallery, climaxing with a launch event at the VANS TLV store on the same date.


To purchase Love Child, visit www.bawakawa.com/love-child-book.html. To
view images from Love Child and Guy Pitchon’s complete collection of works, visit www.guypitchon.com.
About Guy Pitchon
Guy Pitchon is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on street photography, graphic arts and tattoo design. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Guy has been  attracted to the youthful, angst-driven and liberal culture associated with skateboarding since his adolescence. Guy first picked up a camera at age 17, shadowing some of the world’s top skateboard photographers, and has been relentlessly documenting the unfamiliar skate spots, streets and concrete crevasses across Tel Aviv and urban/suburban Israel, all from an insider’s perspective, ever since. A graduate of Minshar School for Art in Tel Aviv (2007), Pitchon recently completed a residency with ArtPort TLV and will release his first book of photography and graphic art, entitled Love Child in collaboration with VANS, in April 2015.