The Pipe's Big Move

There is a rumor that started going around Friday afternoon that the Pipe is going to move, sorry guys, it’s not a rumor.  That said, it’s not a big deal either.  The director of operations for the Saputo stadium is the one that told us about the move. Us being part of the guys that met him during the time when we were scared that we’d loose the Pipe in 2006.  Our plan was to only post information about the move once we’d had an official meeting with the Saputo team but, yesterday somethings happened that could have undermined our very good standing with the Saputo team.


Punker Alex Mexican style FS 5-0 (Halloween 2008)

From what we know currently, the Pipe needs to move so that the expansion of the stadium can go as plan for the Impact’s introduction into the MLS.  The plan currently is to move the Pipe 60 or so feet down the hill toward the road.  We’d like to keep the same angle relative to the sun and the same incline of the Pipe itself.  In it’s new location the Pipe would no longer be the entrance to the stadium so hopefully we will be able to skate during games but that is to be seen during our talks with the Saputo team.