The North Carolina trip has a different crew every year.  For the 2014 edition, one of the new guys was Jordan Wiens from Ottawa.  On the trip he had brought a battery backpack for his VHS carmera.  Cutting edge 1982 technology.  To top it off, he was using used VHS tapes that already had movies taped on them.  Between clip recordings there would be parts of the background movie.  What a great idea.


Jordan’s video premiered last night in Ottawa.  I wish I could have made it and hung out with the boys.  Since I missed the premiere, I thought I would have to wait a month or so to see the video.  Then just as I was getting ready to log out of my computer at work, I noticed a link to the video.  I still logged off.  Once home, I watched the video.  Maybe I’ll cook up some popcorn and re-watch it a couple of times.  The doubles run is so tight!

Image de prévisualisation YouTube