Verdun’s New Skatepark

Sorry to get your hope up with the title but the skatepark does not exists yet.  Construction has not even started yet.  I had already seen the skatepark layout a while ago.  At that time I could not show anyone else the layout.  Sterling Downey has posted the layout on Facebook so I figure it is fare game to post it on Exposé Mag now.  The city’s goal was to have a Plaza Skatepark.  In that aspect I do not think they hit their mark.  A Plaza is a type of city park.  A skate plaza should be similar to a Plaza as in the new Cabot Square.  The Verdun Plaza Skatepark is not a Plaza and not your normal style skatepark.  It is kind of a new concept.

VerdunThe Verdun Plaza Skatepark.


Everything within the 3D animation is part of the skatepark.  The roads included.  The green area in the bottom right-hand corner is for phase 2, the bowl/pool.  Nothing is know about phase 2 yet.  From the 3D animation, it looks as if the orange flow section is 4 foot tall (or less).  I cannot tell the size of the small road gap.

So, what do you guys think?